This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or if you need support, please contact us.

We always have a wide selection of both new and quality pre-owned holiday homes and caravans to buy which are available at prices to suit every pocket. Our new holiday homes are supplied with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty, whilst our pre-owned units also benefit from a comprehensive guarantee.
Please contact us for any information or advice, our team are always willing to help.

The annual park rent depends on which one of our holiday parks the holiday home is located on. There is a standard deposit required for all our parks. All park rents are fully inclusive of rates, water consumed and VAT. Click below for full detail on our holiday park rents for 2020

Park Rents 2020

For more information on individual park prices, please contact us on 01754 872 256.

You will need to consider electricity and gas costs. Every holiday home is individually metered for electricity and within your annual ground rent there is an allowance for electricity. At the end of the season the meter is read, the cost of the electricity consumed by your holiday home will be calculated and the difference from the allowance will be invoiced.

Your holiday home is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make and that means it’s worth protecting with specialist holiday home insurance to provide cover should the worst happen. All holiday homes on our Parks must be insured under a fully comprehensive policy.

Owning your own holiday home on a Laver Leisure Park allows you to enjoy endless holidays from March to October.

A number of our Parks allow customers to reduce the costs of ownership by letting their home in some of the most sought after locations in the resort.

All of our Holiday Homes are privately owned. Laver Leisure does not operate a rental facility for any of the Holiday Homes on our Parks. We do however allow owners to rent their Holiday Homes, on several of our Parks. Any rentals are agreed privately, with the owners direct.

Most holiday homes accommodate a minimum of 2 adults and depending on the size of the home, can accommodate up to 6 people or more.

The Laver Leisure Team will be glad to assist you if you wish to sell your home on any of our parks. For more information please contact us on 01754 872 256.

This depends on the individual Holiday Park in question, but all holiday homes must come off our parks after 30 years from new to ensure we maintain our parks to a high standard. The holiday parks which are 25 years only are Beechways, Golden Sands (Ascot), Majestic and The Wolds. All the rest of our parks are 30 years.